Brawl Busters announced for North America and Europe.

Markham, Canada May 11, 2011 - Weezor Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership agreement with Rock Hippo Productions Ltd to publish SkeinGlobe’s online action- packed title, Brawl Busters in North America and Europe. Players can get a sneak peak at the game and register for a spot in the exclusive upcoming closed beta at Originally titled PlanB, Brawl Busters, a Free2Play PC title, presents action and a cast of heroes ready to take on the world. Slugger, Firefighter, Rocker, Boxer, and Blitzer - five unique character classes all with their own exciting traits and actions along with a huge level of customisable options in a world that rocks, literally!

Brawl Busters may be easy to pick up and play but coming out on top is another matter. This electric slug fest presents fast and compelling challenges with opponents that are as devious, skilful, and tough as you would wish for, creating immersive battles to really test the player’s metal.

Competitive and cooperative online modes allow players to battle against each other or against computer controlled enemies - only a small facet of what is on offer. Featuring a funky and unique animation style with a plethora of both weapons and costumes, all of which are upgradeable, along with new abilities for the player, no two players or confrontations will be alike.

Finely detailed and inventively created locations supplement the highly charged environments where the action takes place.


- Online Multiplayer Action Game
- Third Person View
- Funky animation style and eye catching graphics
- Online Competitive and Co-operative modes. Battle against other players or team up against computer controlled enemies
- Easy to pick up and play with simple, intuitive controls
- Team strategy is key to high level play
- 7 maps are currently available
- Huge variety of customization options: Body type, gender, weapons, costumes, and accessories.
- Weapons and costumes can be upgraded with new abilities
- Training Mode, Challenge Missions, persistent stat tracking, leader boards, etc

Stay tuned to for future updates on game details such as character’s special abilities, and much more!

Are you game enough to face the test and survive - are you a Brawler or will you end up Busted?

“Brawl Busters is packed with non-stop action and features an offbeat style that is like no other game on the market today,” said Howard He, President and CEO of Weezor. “The game is truly unique in both its distinct look and its innovative gameplay, and it has been building an excited and loyal group of followers who can’t wait to get their hands on the game. We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with both Weezor and SkeinGlobe as we head towards the game’s launch.”

"Brawl Busters was developed for a western audience from its very inception. And with Weezor's well established publishing background in North America and Europe, we expect yet another great success story, said Seul Ki Lee, CEO of SkeinGlobe. "SkeinGlobe's mission is to deliver the absolute best online gaming experience to players across the globe. We'd like to thank all the patient fans of project 'Plan B' as we take the game to its next phase with the upcoming release of Brawl Busters. We will work very closely with Rock Hippo to let players experience our vision for this game as soon as possible."